Broken Heart

The obvious reason for the name of this blog is because my heart right now as I write at 10:58 am EST is I am suffering from a broken heart.  I know that I am not the first and definitely not the last to be suffering from this condition.  It is a well known condition that has been around since the beginning of mankind.   No cure has been found as of yet except for perhaps time.  But even at that, I am not sure that time can cure all broken hearts.

I find it fitting as well that my first blog post would be titled, ‘Broken Heart’.

So many songs, stories, movies, books, magazine articles, other blogs, websites, etc…have addressed this malaise in the feeling of when ones heart is completely crushed into smitherines.   Some of those come out with happy endings and others with not so happy endings, take Romeo & Juliet for example.

Suicide is certainly not the answer as I believe that the feelings of broken heartedness only infects those that love you too.  It’s exactly like the common cold or a virus.

I am told that a really good place to start the healing process would be to write in a journal.  So in essence this is my journal, open to world to see and comment as they feel.  I am not perfect, I have many faults and I have many great qualities as well.

Enjoy my writing, enjoy my company and I will do the same if you chose to comment and engage with me.



Valerio Belhers.


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