In the beginning….

How cliché is that eh? (Yes, I am Canadian).

Before I venture into the beginning I am going to give you a glimpse of a certain Sunday in August, 2016.  My wife, Nathalie and I were having arguments mostly about trust issues.  I didn’t trust her and she didn’t trust me (more about those issues in a later post).  So I called the shot and said that I thought it would be best to take a break for a while, let the dust settle and see where we land.  It broke me into a million pieces because I was saying this to the love of my life, my soul mate.  She cried a lot and the words that stuck to me the most was, ‘ I always thought we would grow old together’.  It crushed me, but I could not let her see that because at the time I felt that it was the best solution for us to just take a breather.  We talked and we agreed that we would remain friends, work colleagues and we could even go out on dates.

At the time and I’ll try to explain it in later posts, it seemed like the best solution for us.

I was born in a small northern Canadian community that is friggin’ cold in winter and mildly warm in summer.  But on the day I was born it was apparently the hottest day on record at that time.  The heat brought me out from birth.  My parents were from two very different backgrounds and families.

My mother was French Canadian and my father was English Canadian and they met in this northern Quebec town.  My mother came from a very big family with 6 brothers and 2 sisters while my Father was from a smaller family of one brother and one sister.  My mother grew up in a Catholic environment while my father grew up in a Presbyterian environment, although as you will see in later posts its hard to believe that my father came from any kind of religious backgrounds.

My mothers father, so my grand-father was a very serious alcoholic who would come home very often and beat the shit out of my grandmother and/or sons.  From what I understand he never hit any of the girls.  That being said these events of battery and alcoholism fuelled a massive amount of hatred in Mother that witnessed all of this up until her adult age when eventually he passed on.  I never got to meet him as he died a few years before I was born.

My fathers parents were very religious people and believed that Christ and God healed everything.  My fathers father, my grandfather 😉  became diabetic (Type II) and lost his leg.  Eventually he would pass three years after I was born.  Very stable environment except for the one facet that my uncle was a medium functioning autistic person.

I also have to mention that I have an older brother who was conceived out of wedlock and at the time it was a big no-no. This event caused a huge friction between my paternal grandparents and my Mother….who was Catholic on top of it.  Not really pertinent information at this point but a tidbit of trivia for ya! 😉

So I came out of my mothers womb, new, innocent, naked, naïve and apparently with a big, fat smile on my face!

Day 1 started!


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